J. Scot Ransbottom

Deputy Chief Information Officer and Chief of Staff

J. Scot Ransbottom is the deputy chief information officer and chief of staff for Virginia Tech's Division of Information Technology.

Ransbottom serves as a key advisor to Scott Midkiff, vice president for information technology and chief information officer, and plays an important role in facilitating the evolution of the division’s collaborative culture and service commitment.

Before assuming this role, Ransbottom served as deputy director of the Information Technology Security Lab, part of the IT Security Office. With expertise in higher education, management, policy, engineering, computer science, and communications, Ransbottom came to Virginia Tech’s Information Technology division from the United States Military Academy, where he served in multiple roles in leadership, administration, and academics. He also has experience in leading communication and networking operations, engineering, and policy across every organizational level throughout the U.S. Army.

Ransbottom manages business and administrative operations, including budgeting and financial management, reporting, personnel administration, customer experience management, and communications. Ransbottom holds a key role in the senior leadership team, helping to oversee operations, and improving processes, communication, and performance across the organization.   

“Scot is a great asset for Information Technology and for all of Virginia Tech, bringing a rare combination of technical, management, and academic experience and expertise to his position,” said Scott Midkiff. “He takes leadership roles in new cybersecurity initiatives, and is improving coordination across both centralized and distributed information technology units at the university.”

Ransbottom holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Ohio University, a master’s degree in computer science from Duke University, and a doctoral degree in computer engineering from Virginia Tech.

“I am honored to participate on a team of professionals dedicated to leveraging information technology resources, expertise, and support to distinguish the VT experience for the university community. I look forward to tackling the IT opportunities that we will encounter as we continue to move forward.” Ransbottom said.

J. Scot Ransbottom
Scot Ransbottom, Deputy Chief Information Officer and Chief of Staff
  • (540) 231-2134
  • ransbottom@vt.edu
  • Deputy Chief Information Officer
    and Chief of Staff MC 0169
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