Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies

Dale D. Pike, Executive Director and Associate Provost

Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies, a unit within the Division of Information Technology, was created in 2013 as a result of the redesign and restructuring of Virginia Tech’s award-winning entities previously known as Learning Technologies and the Institute for Distance and Distributed Learning. Dale D. Pike assumed leadership of TLOS as its first executive director in 2014.

TLOS serves the Virginia Tech community by working with faculty to design effective learning experiences, providing training to enhance digital fluency, and fostering innovative learning environments in traditional, distance, and hybrid courses. In each of these areas, TLOS furnishes support and documentation for foundational technologies, while also offering innovation “sandboxes” for faculty and students experimenting with cutting-edge learning tools. TLOS works in close partnership with the Provost’s Office, colleges, and departments to advance all aspects of technology-enhanced learning.

Programs and Services: