IT Colleagues:

I am writing to introduce a new initiative in the Division of IT.  You may recall my mention of the IT Connect program during our Core Values Retreat in May.  This is a program that will introduce a continuous feedback model to our organization.  Continuous feedback programs promote regular, ongoing exchanges between employees and their supervisors rather than waiting for a once-per-year performance review to get feedback.  The program has been developed in response to our climate survey data and relevant research on employee retention, development and engagement.  In our climate survey, employees expressed the desire to have more frequent, focused one-on-one meetings with their supervisors.  IT Connect will provide a structure to help us “invest in enabling our workforce” through monthly communication and quarterly meetings between supervisors and employees.  This initiative will involve multiple opportunities for each of us to demonstrate our Core Values as well.  The program design has been reviewed and approved by our senior leaders and will include ongoing assessment and improvement.  The program is consistent with our new IT Strategic Plan and its implementation will be part of the IT Operational Plan.

You can expect to see several upcoming opportunities to get more information about the program, including resources and training for everyone that will begin in October.  In the meantime, if you have questions please submit them to:  Questions will be addressed during training and through other communication from the IT Human Resources team. By participating actively in the IT Connect program, all of us in the division will gain opportunities to develop our capabilities, build relationships, and explore professional growth opportunities.

Thank you in advance for your help implementing IT Connect. I look forward to seeing how this important new initiative will improve the work environment for us in the Division of IT.

Best regards.

Scott F. Midkiff, Ph.D.
Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering