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About the Secure University Research Environment

The Virginia Tech Secure University Research Environment (VT SURE) will be a centrally supported and managed data lab designed to advance Virginia Tech research capabilities. The resource is being developed with the needs of researchers at the forefront, with the goal of understanding and meeting their diverse and unique needs and requirements both now and in the future. VT SURE will provide an elastic and scalable service that can be customized to meet diverse requirements for collaboration, storage, data analysis. VT SURE's user interface will be  easy to learn and customize, and tutorials will be available to support new users as they get started using the service.

Define and design - document researcher needs and preferences and turn those into an actionable plan for development of the environment. Develop and test essential functionality - pilot the secure university research environment (VT SURE) and governance processes with early adopters, gather feedback, and deploy VT SURE to the Virginia Tech community. Add functionality based on user feedback - refine governance and resources and expand reach of VT SURE to all researchers at Virginia Tech.