The Division of Information Technology has been working to improve the way that your online accounts are created and managed. These improvements are summarized here. All changes will go into effect on January 29, 2018.

The biggest change affecting alumni is that G Suite for Education applications (Gmail, Drive, Docs, etc.) will move under the Login service, enabling access with your PID (VT Username) and password, and providing 2-Factor Authentication protections.

The separate G Suite password will no longer be needed.

If you remember your VT Username and password, then you are all set – you will just see a version of the familiar Login screen, and log in as usual.

However, if you do not recall your PID (VT Username), password, or have not set up 2-Factor Authentication – you will need to take a few additional steps to access your G Suite applications. Please follow this link to: Reset your password, or recover your PID

The setup for 2-Factor Authentication will happen automatically upon resetting your password.

Note: If you use other applications, such as a desktop email client, to pull email from your Gmail account, click here for some additional points you may need to consider.