Your Network login is used to access the university's eduroam (pronounced 'ED-you-roam')
WiFi network from all your electronic devices.

When new users create a new VT ID Username using the account creation process, a Network account and password will be provisioned. From that point forward, all new Network account passwords will be system-generated (not user-generated). System-generated passwords make it possible for users to view and retrieve their Network account password in Account Manager if they forget it, or need to connect with a new device.

The generated password will be 19 characters long: comprised of 16 random alphabetic lowercase characters and 3 hyphens. For example, ‘uywo-ioon-dicl-qwaz’. The hyphens are explicitly included in the actual password, and we will provide affordances in the user interface for copying the password and pasting within the same system. Users will also be able to generate a new password as needed, invalidating the previous password.


What will happen to my current Network Account password?
If you already have a network password that you created, you can continue to use that password until you decide to generate a new one: it will work exactly as it does now. Essentially, current users are grandfathered in until they forget their existing network password or choose to convert to the viewable, randomly generated network password.

What if I can’t remember this new password?
Ultimately, you don’t need to remember this password. When you get a new device, just go view your network password to add networking to the new device.

How do I get to Account Manager if I can’t set up eduroam?
Account Manager can be accessed from Virginia Tech's guest wireless (SSID: VirginiaTech) and other networks such as your cell provider’s network.

Can I view my user-generated network password in Account Manager?
No. Plain-text for the older “user-generated” passwords was never stored, so we cannot provide it to you.