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Account Creation Process

This is a high-level look at what accounts and systems will be affected by ACP and a brief description of those changes:

  1. PID, HOKIES, and Network
    1. VT Username Identifier Changes
      1. Max length increased to 16 characters
    2. Password Complexity Rule changes
      1. A web service will be available to all password setting systems that can be used to provide consistent complexity validation.
    3. VT-STUDENT-NEW-ADMIT affiliates will be afforded the ability to authenticate to ACP with their VT Guest Account thereby bypassing the VT ID entry and challenge/response workflow of ACP.
  2. Network Account - used to access wireless/eduroam and the VPN
    1. We will no longer ask users to create passwords for the Network Account. The account and the password will be generated during ACP. Account Manager will provide an interface to view the generated password as well as regenerate and invalidate the old password.
  3. Hokies Account (depends on 2-factor Non-Windows, Non-CAS Project move to Duo LDAP Proxy and determination from CIO) - used for access to services protected by the Virginia Tech Microsoft Active Directory. Examples include Outlook/Exchange, Office 365, Sharepoint, etc.
    1. The Hokies account will be created during ACP and ACP will set their Hokies password to the same passphrase as the PID password.
    2. MyVT Accounts can be used to set PID and Hokies password the same or user can choose to set Hokies password through the AD Admin system. Users who reset their password at a Windows computers will unsync their PID and Hokies password.
  4. Google G Suite Account (includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Team Drive, Google Sites, Google Docs, etc.)
    1. Google accounts will no longer use a separate password. They will move to using Login service to access. The separate Google password will no longer be used or created during ACP.
    2. Users with Google 2-step setup on their accounts will no longer use that feature as Login 2-factor provides better functionality and control for Virginia Tech.
    3. Google Application Specific Passwords will be enabled for the Google domain. These will be used with mobile devices and applications such as IMAP email clients.