Have you ever programmed a robot? Or build a robot from scratch? This hands-on workshop will take you from the basics of moving a servo, to reading input from ultrasonic range sensors, and then constructing and programming a self navigating "collision bot" that we affectionately refer to as the "trash bot” (because we make her out of scrap foam board, hot glue, milk jug caps, an arduino and a bit of code

Build & Program Your Own Autonomous Arduino Robot!

Build an Autonomous Martian Laser Bot

  • Bring your own laptop (Mac, Linux or Windows*) + power brick.

    • *Windows laptops must have an admin login to install software.

  • Download and install the Arduino IDE from http://arduino.cc/en/main/software.

  • One RSVP ticket (free) per LCBB robot kit. (siblings/friends free to pair up on one kit)

  • Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay (no RSVP ticket not required)

NOTE: RSVP registered attendees will have up until 30 minutes after the event start time to claim their seat. After that time, no-show seats will be given to present stand-by and wait-list participants.

About event Instructors Professor Margaret Ellis and
Director of Technology Futures and Community Advocacy Thomas Weeks

Professor Margaret Ellis teaches programming, design, and problem solving at Virginia Tech. She has taught both middle and high school, worked as a systems engineer, and been an entrepreneur. Margaret has multiple degrees from Virginia Tech and loves living in Blacksburg. Margaret enjoys swimming, dancing and playing outside with her two daughters!

Director Thomas Weeks (Tweeks) holds a BS-EET / Telecom degree from Texas A&M, was been an Engineer at Rackspace Hosting for 15 years, teaching technology, Linux & Windows Internet technologies, sits on the region's RBTC STEM committee and is very active in the NRV STEM education community. He uses Arduinos to control robots, blink lights, launch large high power rockets and monitor water problems in his basement. He’s a big advocate of Linux, Open Source and Open Standards/Hardware systems, likes playing with high power rockets, electronics and loves teaching kids how to peek behind the curtain of modern technology.