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August 13, 2006

With nearly a thousand sites, NetworkVirginiang offers access to an incredibly rich array of educational and information resources. Participants include four-year colleges and universities, the Virginia Community College System, private schools, and K-12 school systems. Also, many state agencies are taking advantage of NetworkVirginiang including the Department of Health, the Virginia Employment Commission, the Department of General Services, the Virginia State Library, the State Police, the Institute of Marine Science and others. The same infrastructure instigated by NWV is now open to everyone including commercial customers at low cost. NWV provides access for more than 1.3 million Virginians through educational institutions alone.

The network has very high capacity and can deliver simultaneous transmission of fully interactive voice, data, and video services. An Internet gateway is included which is open to all participants. A single connection to NetworkVirginiang can be used to support different types of multimedia connections simultaneously. The bandwidth can be flexibly allocated and reallocated as needed. ATM services have built-in, quality of service controls allowing users to prioritize resources and tailor capacity utilization to match application requirements. Virtually any type of application or communication service can be transported across NetworkVirginiang.

Gateways currently deployed to the Internet, to the Department of Energy's ESnet network, and to the Internet2 Abilene network extend the reach of this powerful information resource beyond the bounds of the Commonwealth.

For more information on the NetworkVirginiang program, visit their web site