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Information Technology History at Virginia Tech

(L to R) Randy Marchancy, Christine Morrison, and Marshall Fisher work on an IBM 370  mainframe, ca. 1980.

Historical Photo Gallery

Images that take you back to earlier days in the development of our university's technology infrastructure, and give you a glimpse of some the people who were instrumental in advancing us to the present day.

Erv Blythe, who served as VP of IT before Scott Midkiff, sits at his desk in 1989. The computer is an IBM 5151 with a newer monitor.


Pioneers of Virginia Tech's IT capabilities discuss milestones and the most memorable projects they worked on over the course of their careers.

Typing pools like this one, ca. 1970s, predated mainframe terminals for managing records and data.


Short form recollections from IT folks all over the university as they recall their technology experience as students, graduate students, and in the early years of their employment. Also key IT strategy documents that offer a view into the priorities of different eras.

Woman (Rosie Higdon) typing on a old computer.

IT History News Stories

Links to VT news stories covering seminal achievements and offering a historical overview of the long arc of progress and innovation in information technology at Virginia Tech.