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Working Remotely

Both for routine and extraordinary events, it is helpful to be prepared to use technology tools that can help you stay connected with workplace operations and courses from a remote location.

Home Internet Tips

Over the coming weeks, many of you will be doing classwork through internet connections that may not be as fast as what you were able to access at Virginia Tech.

From TLOS: Continuity of Instruction Resources

Need help moving your class online? Our team of learning technologies specialists and instructional designers have prepared some helpful tips on leveraging some simple technologies to keep your class on schedule when you can’t meet in person.

The Resources section contains policy documents, regulations, and archival publications administered through the Division of Information Technology.

Policies & Standards

  • University numbered policies are statements of management philosophy and direction, established to provide direction and assistance to the university community in the conduct of university affairs. Policies are listed by policy number on the university policy page. ( Standards, like other university procedures, are statements that prescribe specific actions to be taken to conform to established policies, allowing for the orderly implementation of those policies. Standards require compliance. Guidelines are recommendations important to carrying out policies and standards as well as other activities. Guidelines are advisory rather than mandatory.

IT Service Management Processes

  • IT Service Management processes are designed to help service providers deliver services that better position customers to achieve desired business outcomes.

IT Publications

  • 4Help Knowledge Base
    • The knowledge base contains articles that provide self-help, troubleshooting, and task resolution information on IT services at Virginia Tech.
  • IT Service Catalog
    • Provides a well-organized, easy-to-use catalog of all public-facing university-level IT services offered at Virginia Tech.
  • IT Strategic Documents
    • This page provides information and links to various strategic documents for the Division of Information Technology.
  • News & Notices
    • Information Technology service announcements and time-sensitive information.
  • Spotlight on Information Technology
    • These are special highlights on events and projects within the Division of Information Technology.
  • Shared Presentations
    • DCSS Presentations
      • The Departmental Computer Support Symposium (DCSS) is presented every year in the spring and fall. The symposium allows support personnel from various departments on campus to learn more about technology trends on campus.
    • Exchange Online Migration Presentation
      • Starting May 2017 we’ll be migrating all our on premise Exchange mailboxes to in-cloud Exchange Online.
  • Archived Publications

Acronym Glossary

  • This glossary is intended to help newbies and experts alike navigate the acronym-filled world of Information Technology. We add to this glossary as we come across new and baffling acronyms, and in response to your submissions. If you have acronyms that you'd like to add, corrections or additions to an existing entry, or if you’ve encountered an acronym and have no idea what it means, feel free to email us at - we will get it posted!

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