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Administration & Planning (A&P)

  • Chief of Staff - Kenneth T. McCrery
    • Kenneth T. McCreryThe Administration & Planning group plays a variety of roles for the Division of Information Technology (IT). Areas of responsibility include strategic planning; policy development; communications within IT and with the university community; project coordination between elements of IT; project management; personnel services; administrative requests; computer purchasing and software distribution (Information Technology Procurement and Licensing Solutions); and coordination with the commonwealth's information technology agency.

Advanced Research Computing (ARC)

  • Associate Vice President - Terry Herdman
    • Terry HerdmanAdvanced Research Computing (ARC) at Virginia Tech is an innovative and interdisciplinary environment advancing computational science, engineering and technology.

Collaborative Computing Solutions (CCS)

  • Director - Marc T. DeBonis
    • Marc T. DeBonisCollaborative Computing Solutions (CCS) provides the Virginia Tech community with stable, scalable and secure customer-focused systems, services and solutions.

Enterprise Systems (ES)

  • Associate Vice President - Deborah M. Fulton
    • Enterprise Systems supports the mission of Virginia Tech by providing an integrated portfolio of effective, secure, innovative, and reliable services including: Application Information Systems/Banner, Information Warehousing, Document Management Systems, Integration & Portal Services/My VT, Database Administration, Application Administration, and Web Hosting.

Information Technology Security Office (ITSO)

  • Information Technology Security Officer and Director, Information Technology Security Lab - Randy Marchany
    • Randolph C. MarchanyThe Information Technology Security Office and Lab focus on education and research in computer and network security. We provide tools and services, awareness, and guidance to help Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students to work towards a safe and secure IT environment for teaching, learning, research, outreach, and the conduct of university business.

Information Technology Experience & Engagement (ITEE)

  • Executive Director - Dawn A. Zimmer
    • Dawn A. ZimmerInformation Technology Experience & Engagement (ITEE) is focused on collaboratively evolving and actively ensuring a high quality user experience when interacting with the Division of Information Technology. ITEE serves as the “front door” for users across the university, providing support and coordination of activities. ITEE also works closely with Division units to continuously review and improve the user experience.

Network Infrastructure and Services (NI&S)

  • Executive Director - William Dougherty
    • William C. DoughertyNetwork Infrastructure and Services exists to enable Virginia Tech to succeed in its overall mission by providing and managing the university's information technology infrastructure and services.

Secure Identity Services (SIS)

  • Executive Director - Ryan McDaniel
    • Ryan McDanielSecure Identity Services (SIS) is responsible for providing online identity management, authentication, authorization, and PKI services for the Virginia Tech community. These services enable secure and appropriate access to university data, information resources, applications, and more. We provide our services to support and enable teaching, learning, research, and outreach services throughout the university.

Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS)

  • Executive Director and Associate Provost - Dale D. Pike
    • Dale PikeTLOS serves the Virginia Tech community by working with faculty to design effective learning experiences, providing training to enhance digital fluency, and supporting innovative learning environments in traditional, distance, and hybrid courses.

Virginia Cyber Range

  • Director - David Raymond
    • David RaymondThe Virginia Cyber Range is a Commonwealth of Virginia initiative with a mission to enhance cybersecurity education for students in the Commonwealth’s public high schools, colleges, and universities. The Virginia Cyber Range seeks to increase the number of fully prepared students entering the cybersecurity workforce in operations, development, and research.