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The UX community brings together UX experts and enthusiasts at Virginia Tech with the goal of improving the university’s UX maturity and to help design and implement services that are usable, valuable, accessible, intuitive, engaging, and consistent.

The UX community provides its members a safe place to share and create knowledge, learn new UX skills, and collaborate with each other.


The goals of UX community are to:

  1. Create a shared UX vision.
  2. Ensure employees at all levels understand the value and importance of UX design with the purpose of improving their understanding of UX and collaboration with UX practitioners.
  3. Cultivate the use of UX research and design activities in the division.
  4. Develop and promote UX best practices with the goal of making UX design more consistent and easier to implement.
  5. Build consensus on the definition of design quality and how to measure it.
  6. Provide a safe environment for UX practitioners to share their knowledge and experience around UX.
  7. Cultivate cross-unit collaboration among UX experts and enthusiasts.
  8. Develop a network of UX experts who can bring user focus and advocacy to service and process design activities.

To learn more about each goal and deliverables of each goal please read Official charter of the UX Community