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Zoom Phone Migration

A mobile phone, a laptop, and a desktop phone

Network Infrastructure and Services (NI&S) is currently preparing users and service managers to migrate from the Avaya phone system to Zoom’s Phone and Call Center solutions, based on the familiar Zoom platform. There will be multiple migration dates available over the next year. NI&S will provide updates and instructions to departmental service managers and those in a departmental IT support role as these migrations progress to allow departments to submit information and opt into an upcoming migration. Click here to view the tentative migration phase timeline. Departments can choose any date listed on the schedule to migrate over, and physical phones will be available on October 25th.

Zoom phone interface

If users already have Zoom downloaded, there will be no additional software to install. The Zoom Phone add-on provides added texting and voice calling features. It will also support call delegation (assigning calls to other users), voicemail transcripts, blocking of calls and texts, and allow switching a voice call to a meeting. Zoom Phone will work on wired, wireless, and cellular data networks, and allow users to sign into three devices at once. 

While physical phones are no longer required, users or departments who need a desk phone will have the option to order one from a list of supported desk phones.

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