Access to advanced communications and network infrastructure has become critical for ensuring economic competitiveness in today's global economy. Beyond standard telephone systems and basic Internet access, communities are suddenly finding that businesses and other stakeholders are making specific demands for access to fiber optic infrastructure with very explicit route diversity and fiber specification requirements. Communities with advanced fiber, wireless, and "next generation" Internet infrastructure will have a distinct competitive advantage. Those without such infrastructure will fall behind in ways that may not be recoverable over a period of decades (such as difficulty attracting and retaining sustainable job creation opportunities).

The objective of Virginia Tech's eCorridors Program is to work with communities, private-sector, and municipal partners to facilitate rapid development of advanced, fiber optic, wireless, and "next generation" Internet infrastructure across the Southern region of Virginia, and expanding into the eastern and northern regions. Through multiple community and regional based initiatives, this program proposes to put the world's most advanced communications infrastructure within reach of every community in Virginia within 10 years.

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