Members of the Information Technology team were recognized for successful completion of the university’s Employee Certificate Development Program. These nine  people are some of the 125 employees recognized for their commitment to professional development. The following individuals were recognized by University Organization and Professional Development for completing professional development certification programs.

Customer Service Excellence certificates
Debbie Harris, VTOC Operations Specialist, Network Infrastructure and Services
Gary Hess, Network Engineer, Network Infrastructure and Services
Robin Reynolds , VTOC Operations Specialist, Network Infrastructure and Services

Leadership Excellence certificates
Jacqueline Buhrdorf, Administrative & Office Specialist III, IT Management
Vivian Rich, Business Manager, IT Management

Supervisory Excellence Program
Ron Keller, Network Engineer Manager, Network Infrastructure and Services

Administrative Professional Development program
Kimberly Ervine, Administrative Assistant, Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies

Diversity Ally program
Amanda Cooper, Knowledge Management Specialist, Network Infrastructure and Services
Flex Vaughn, formerly Network Operations Manager, Network Infrastructure and Services

The Customer Service Excellence certificate is a five-course program designed to help participants develop and refine the core customer service skills necessary for working effectively with both internal and external customers. The Leadership Excellence certificate is an eight-course designed to examine leadership through the lenses of transformational leadership and emotional intelligence, facilitating the development and enhancement of highly effective leadership competencies and skills. The Supervisory Excellence certificate is a six-course program providing insight into the critical roles, responsibilities, and expectations involved in successfully coordinating and directing teams to achieve organizational goals.  The Administrative Professional Development Program provides an opportunity for professional growth to a cohort of participants who exchange ideas and develop skills and abilities. The Diversity Ally program provides a curricular path for faculty, administrators, and staff who want to develop competency in diversity and inclusion content and practice.