On January 29th Virginia Tech implemented a new system to help make your life easier. Now, when you opt into the new system you will retrieve or re-set an auto-generated password each time you need to connect a device eliminating your need to remember it. Whenever you get a new device, you can simply view your network password in Account Manager to add networking to the new device.

Users who DO remember their current network password can keep using it: it works exactly as it does now, and will not expire. If and when you forget it, or choose to get a new one, though, you will then switch to using the viewable, randomly generated network password.

The auto-generated password string is 19 characters long: 16 random lowercase letters and 3 hyphens (for example, ‘uywo-ioon-dicl-qwaz’). You can copy and paste the password as needed within your device.

This change was part of a wider effort to streamline the processes involved in the creation and management of online accounts. For complete information, visit: https://it.vt.edu/accounts/