The interactive report of the Task Force on Instructional Technology, Invent The Future: VT 2020, is available:

Last fall, Erv Blythe and Daniel Wubah, vice president and dean for undergraduate education, charged the 18-member task force with  developing a vision plan on the best use of instructional technology at Virginia Tech in the next decade and beyond. Co-chaired by Anne Moore and Peter Doolittle, the task force convened meetings between January and May 2011, hearing presentations and engaging in discussions  about the future for instructional technology at large. In particular, the task force sought to envision what Virginia Tech might look like in 2020 in order to realize the possibilities for instructional technology to benefit learning.

A wealth of information resides on the interactive site that may serve as a resource for thinking, discussion, planning, and action. This website is a dynamic outcome of the task force’s work and is designed to allow anyone to join the conversation and ongoing activities. Your comments and additions are welcome.