Wireless technology is already a significant component of Virginia Tech's existing campus infrastructure. In addition to the miles of copper cable and optical fiber providing communications paths for the University, Virginia Tech is also served by microwave, satellite, two-way radio, and broadband wireless networks. These networks combine to support critical campus communications, provide reliable and competitively priced voice, data and video services, and enable University research centers where new technology can be developed for the future of telecommunications services.

Virginia Tech, as a university putting knowledge to work, must maintain the high quality, cost effective voice, data and video services that is provides to the University community while investigating the diversity of services offerings and increased use of digital technology in the wireless marketplace. Communications Network Services (CNS), under Advanced Network Infrastructure and Service, staff members have been conducting research and working with manufacturer and service provider representatives to complement and supplement the existing wireless infrastructure, while enhancing the advanced networking opportunities offered by the wireless research centers on campus.

The intent is that CNS will enter into a long-term relationship with a qualified carrier and its equipment and content partners in order to deliver state-of-the-art wireless voice, data, internet services and unified messaging on and off-campus, in order to improve teaching and learning while enhancing research. We also envision joint development projects between the successful provider and the University in which Virginia Tech will assist in the deployment of the latest wireless technology and applications.