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Spotlight on Information Technology
University 2-factor authentication June 24, 2015

University 2-factor authenticationA successful “phish” can compromise personal information, leading to identity theft and the loss of money, time, and peace of mind. A successful phish also can create a gateway into university resources, allowing systematic attacks to be perpetrated. Phishing and other attacks on university systems and credentials threaten individual privacy and the integrity and confidentiality of university data.

Beginning this summer, Virginia Tech will increase its adoption of two-factor authentication, adding “something you have,” to the long-time use of a password (something you know). Many people are already familiar with two-factor authentication, used by banks and for password recovery on many secure websites. By adding this second factor, it will no longer be sufficient to know a person’s password to access university data and systems.

Track progress on the University 2-Factor Authentication website.

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The mission of Virginia Tech's Information Technology organization (IT) is to serve the university community and the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia by applying and integrating information resources to:
  • Enhance and support instruction, teaching and learning;
  • Participate in, support and enhance research;
  • Foster outreach, develop partnerships with communities and promote the capabilities of advanced networking and communications;
  • Provide, secure, and maintain systems allowing the university to accomplish its missions.

Oversight of the security of university information technology resources and information is entrusted to the Vice President for Information Technology by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors »

The Current Information Technology Annual Report describes the organization’s accomplishments for the 2013-2014 year.

The website provides information on IT services.

For help or assistance, go to

Office of the Vice President for Information Technology MC 0169
800 Drillfield Drive / Suite 314
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
(540) 231-4227

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