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Information Technology Governance

About IT Governance

The committees that make up Virginia Tech’s IT Governance initiative were formed in 2022 after a thorough university-wide review of information technology operations and security. The six committees include broad representation from the university’s academic, research, and administrative organizational areas, as well as IT subject matter experts and leaders from both the Division of IT and distributed IT. This framework ensures collaboration that leads to increased consistency and transparency in decision-making and prioritization of initiatives.


To define and promote a coordinated governance structure that facilitates effective and collaborative IT decision-making in service to the university's needs and in alignment with Virginia Tech's mission and strategic plan.

IT Governance Goals

  • To establish a unified and coordinated model for IT governance at the university
  • To develop clear processes and communication paths for escalation of recommendations between governance committees
  • To ensure that IT work and service offerings meet the university's academic, research, and administrative needs
  • To increase consistency and transparency in decision-making and prioritization of initiatives


The IT Governance Executive Committee guides university-wide IT strategy and policies, enabling executive-level sponsorship of IT initiatives and providing oversight of IT investments and their impact.


Cyril Clarke,
Executive VP and Provost

Amy Sebring,
Executive VP and COO


Sharon P. Pitt,
VP for IT and CIO

Lisa Wilkes,
VP for Strategic Initiatives, Special Asst. to the President

Bryan Garey,
VP for Human Resources

Dan Sui,
Senior VP for Research and Innovation

Juan Espinoza,
Interim Vice Provost for Enrollment and Degree Management

Joseph Merola,
University Council Cabinet, Faculty Co-Chair

Ken Miller,
VP for Finance and University Treasurer

Kelly Oaks,
Assistant VP for Equity and Accessibility

Frances Keene,
VP for Student Affairs

Saonee Sarker,
Dean, Pamplin College of Business

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The Administrative Technology Committee provides guidance and recommendations for how the university should govern, manage, and prioritize enterprise IT projects supporting administrative functions on campus in order meet Virginia Tech’s diverse administrative needs and align them with each other and the overall university strategy.


Deborah Fulton
Assistant VP, Enterprise Systems

Rick Sparks
University Registrar


Lauren Lawson
University Bursar

Curtis Mabry
Assistant VP, HR Consulting and Strategic Services

Rhonda Arsenault
Senior Assistant VP and COO, Advancement

Beth Armstrong
Assistant VP for Enrollment Management, Director of Student Financial Aid

Pascha Gerni
Managing Director, Business and Administration, Office of the President

Jason Heron
Business Support Systems Developer, Academic Applications

Rachel Holloway
Vice Provost, Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Tasha Smith
Director of Enrollment Management, Engineering Academic Affairs

Andrew Marinik
Assistant Director of Emergency Management

Al Cooper
Executive Director, Business Management Systems, Office of the President; member of IT Council

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The Data Governance Committee provides guidance and recommendations on key data issues, data standards, and data management at Virginia Tech in order to establish and maintain leading practices on the coordination, security, and interoperability of data on campus.


Cal Ribbens
Department Head, Computer Science

Brenda van Gelder
Executive Director, IT Policy and Strategic Engagement


Lisa Blackwell
Senior Director of HR Technology and Analytics; member of IT Council

Bethany Bodo
Director, Institutional Effectiveness

Zeb Bowden
Director, Technology Development and Deployment, VTTI; member of IT Council

David Crotts
Director, Financial Management and Business Operations

Beth Osborne
Assistant Dean for Administration, Pamplin College of Business

T. Kumar Raghuraman
Associate Vice Provost, Analytics and Institutional Effectiveness

Neil Sedlak
Senior Director of IT, Research & Innovation IT; member of IT Council

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The IT Risk Committee oversees the development of information security standards and policies, ensures the proper use of information, advises on data protection from internal and external threats, and oversees the response to breaches.


Randy Marchany
Chief IT Security Officer

Julie Cook
Director, Privacy and Research Data Protection Program


Sharon Kurek
VP of Audit, Risk, and Compliance and Chief Risk Officer

Sarah Collins
Vice Provost for Enrollment Management

Odie Fthenos
Senior Director, Finance Research

Divya Amin
Director, Financial Compliance and Integrity

Justin Noble
Chief Audit Executive

Gary Burns
Senior Director of Support Services, Technology-Enhanced Learning and Online Strategies

Lisa Lee
Assistant VP, Scholarly Integrity and Research Compliance

Shannon Phillips
Director for IT Service Operations, Library; member of IT Council

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The Research Technology Committee provides guidance and recommendations on how the university should govern, manage, and prioritize research computing and IT infrastructure and services supporting the research mission on campus in order meet Virginia Tech’s diverse research computing and technology needs and align them with each other and with overall university strategy.


Randy Heflin
Senior Assistant VP, Research and Innovation

David Raymond
Interim, Associate Vice President, Research Computing


Calvin Winkowski
Development Operations HPC Lead

Hasan Seyyedhasani
Assistant Professor, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences

Kevin Shinpaugh
Collegiate Professor, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Jason Krisch
Director of IT, Fralin Biomedical Research Institute; member of IT Council

Tabitha James
Professor, Business Information Technology

Brian Konkel
Director of IT, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; member of IT Council

Bill Ingram
Associate Dean of University Libraries

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The Teaching and Learning Technology Committee provides guidance and recommendations on how the university should govern, manage, and prioritize teaching and learning IT projects supporting the academic mission on campus in order meet Virginia Tech’s diverse teaching and learning needs and align them with each other and the overall university strategy.


Dale Pike
Executive Director, Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies

Quinton Nottingham
Department Head, Business Information Technology


Bob Edmison
Collegiate Assistant Professor, Computer Science

S.B. Chandler
508 Compliance and Digital Accessibility Officer

Catherine Amelink
Associate Vice Provost, Office of the Executive Vice Provost

Michael Enz
Director of Professional Development, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Vianne Greek
Web Manager, VTCSOM Advancement

Kayla McNabb
Assistant Director, Teaching, Learning, and Engagement

Jim Dickhans
Director of IT, Pamplin College of Business; member of IT Council

Brian Broniak
Senior Director, IT Learning Systems

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