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IT Transformation Program Dashboard

This dashboard provides information on projects and recommendations related to the Deloitte IT and Cybersecurity assessments. The program overview page shows aggregate project information, and each active project page includes additional detail on deliverables, issues, and highlights. Active project details are updated on a regular basis.

Navigation: The left panel of the dashboard shows the table of contents, which includes the Overview of Projects and project detail pages.  Project detail page names include the Deloitte recommendation number in parentheses at the end.  On the Overview of Projects page, each individual segment of the four donut charts can be utilized to filter the other visualizations (on this page only).  To use chart segments as a filter, click on the segment you wish to view (note: you can also hold the "control" or "command" key and select multiple segments on the same chart).  Combine filters by selecting segments from any two or more donut charts.  Remove filters by clicking the white space in each chart you have used as a filter, or by refreshing the page.

* The job architecture project is under the authority of the Division of Human Resources. Information presented in the dashboard (item 3.2) is specific to Information Technology-related positions, which are included in the first stage of the project.

This page will time out after a period of inactivity. If this occurs, please refresh the page once or twice to reconnect. If you have questions about this dashboard, or an individual project, please contact