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IT Transformation Projects 

We are currently in the process of building project detail pages for all of the our active projects. Please check back on this page as new pages are added.


  • General Item
    Establish a universitywide IT Governance model

    This project was intended to establish and define a coordinated universitywide governance model to facilitate effective IT decision-making in service to the needs of the university. The six committees that make up the governance model meet regularly to provide a framework to enable well-informed decision-making that aligns with Virginia Tech’s mission and defines measures of accountability for related processes.


  • General Item
    Streamline and Improve IT Procurement

    The IT Procurement process is intended to manage the process of software and hardware acquisition while safeguarding the university from malicious or unsafe software or hardware products. The process may involve multiple reviews in the areas of IT security, law, accessibility, and finance, as well as vendors who may not be motivated to return answers to the university’s queries. Over recent years as demands for software and the corresponding backlog of software procurement requests have grown, the need to find new ways to streamline these processes and provide a higher level of customer service for our university constituents has become more urgent.


  • General Item
    Elevate Virginia Tech's Minimum Security Standards

    This project will elevate Virginia Tech's minimum security standards to align with the Center for Internet Security’s (CIS) Critical Security Controls v8 IG2 safeguards.

  • General Item
    Implement a 24x7 Security Operations Center

    Prior to this implementation, the university only operated a security operations center (SOC) during business hours. The global increase in sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks has necessitated an expansion in the university’s cyberdefense coverage and capabilities that will allow us to detect and respond to cyber threats and attacks.

  • General Item
    Maturing Identity and Access Management

    Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a security and business discipline that includes multiple technologies and business processes to help the right people or machines to access the right assets at the right time for the right reasons while keeping unauthorized access and fraud at bay.

  • General Item
    Improved Endpoint Protection

    Improved Endpoint Projection (Cybersecurity Project 6.4 and 6.5) Implementing Endpoint Detect and Respond and Data Loss Prevention