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Fall 2020 Presentations

Departmental Computing Support Symposium (DCSS)
Fall 2020 - via Zoom
October 21, 2020 8 – 10:30AM Departmental Computing Support Symposium (DCSS) Fall 2020

Introduction and Welcome (Scott Midkiff)

Email Routing Refactor Outcomes This is a PDF file (Justin Hendrix / Steve Cox)

Securing Zoom Meetings This is a PDF file (Quinn Warnick / Dan Yaffe)

All about Captioning This is a PDF file (Mark Nichols / Christa Miller)

Using ServiceNow to Streamline and Automate your Business Processes This is a PDF file (Anne Sheppard / Kevin Davis)

Computer Lab of the Future This is a PDF file (Dale Pike / Gary Burns / Brian Broniak)

State of the (Common) Platform This is a PDF file (Mike Irwin)

ITSO projects and initiatives; Minimum Security Standards This is a PDF file (Randy Marchany)


UX Community (Zeynep Ondin)
Unified Endpoint Management (David Duckett)
IT Trivia Capture the Flag and Hacker Harvest CTF (Angela Correa)

DCSS Fall 2020 - Agenda.pdf