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Network Infrastructure and Services

William Dougherty, Executive Director

Mission Statement:
Network Infrastructure and Services exists to enable Virginia Tech to succeed in its overall mission by providing and managing the university's information technology infrastructure and services. We accomplish this by:

  • Identifying and incorporating solutions through the dynamic implementation and management of emerging technologies.
  • Promoting sound fiscal management.
  • Endeavoring to advance the capabilities of our existing information technology infrastructure and services
  • Broadly disseminating information regarding new technological developments.
  • Providing network, system, and services management, maintenance, and support with emphasis on a high level of security, availability, and reliability.
  • Leading the coordination and delivery of technology and related services for campus safety and security throughout the university.
  • Supporting the teaching and learning, research, and outreach missions of the university, while embracing our role as a corporate citizen within the local, state, regional, and international communities.
  • Remaining sufficiently flexible to pursue aggressive development and expansion of new services.

NI&S includes:

NI&S Executive Director William Dougherty
William C. Dougherty, Executive Director of the Network Infrastructure and Services

Organizational Chart

Contact: Network Infrastructure and Services
1770 Forecast Drive (0506)
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
(540) 231-6460