Marc T. DeBonis, Director


Collaborative Computing Solutions (CCS) provides the Virginia Tech community with stable, scalable and secure customer-focused systems, services and solutions. CCS partners with customer organizations, higher education institutions, industry partners and administrative and academic units to bring forward best-of-breed enabling technology. The continuing goal of CCS is a dynamic and cost effective customer-focused computing environment that supports the needs for today and the future.

  • Systems
    • Provide on-demand rental of virtual desktops and servers through accessing the managed VT private cloud.
  • Services
    • Develop, deploy and administer commercial, open-source and internally hosted applications.
  • Solutions
    • Manage environments hosted on commercial public clouds and support necessary business logic between VT resources and externals ones.

Marc T. DeBonis, Director

Marc T. DeBonis
Marc T. DeBonis, Director of Collaborative Computing Solutions

Contact: Collaborative Computing Solutions
1700 Pratt Drive
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
(540) 231-2728