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David Raymond, Director

The Virginia Cyber Range is a Commonwealth of Virginia initiative with a mission to enhance cybersecurity education for students in the Commonwealth’s public high schools, colleges, and universities.  The Virginia Cyber Range seeks to increase the number of fully prepared students entering the cybersecurity workforce in operations, development, and research.  The Virginia Cyber Range provides an extensive Courseware Repository for educators and a cloud-hosted Exercise Area environment for hands-on cybersecurity labs and exercises for students.

Courseware Repository key features:

  • Course materials are offered in modular form to allow flexible adoption of offerings.
  • Indexed and searchable.
  • Contains course content such as syllabi, lesson plans, presentation slides, and representative homework exercises and exams.

 Exercise Area (The Range) key features:

  • Students access range VMs through web browsers; no special software needed.
  • Cloud-based approach allows fast deployment and scalability.
  • Eases the burden on Virginia schools of providing infrastructure for cybersecurity labs.
  • More large-scale exercises and a capture-the-flag environment are available.
  • Resources are provided at no cost to Virginia public high schools, colleges, and universities.
Virginia Cyber Range Director David Raymond
David Raymond, Director of Virginia Cyber Range