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Program Timeline

This timeline reflects changes resulting from the university and Google having signed the Internet 2 (I2) contract.

Date Description
April – July 2021

Project 1

  • Analysis of current state of use of Google services and storage at Virginia Tech. 
  • Determined user populations and service usage by constituent group.  
  • Set up steering committee. 
  • Deprovisioned ineligible accounts.
August - November 2021

Project 2

  • Identifed service options from Project 1 deliverables.
  • Brainstormed Service Scenarios. 
  • Internet2 contract signed. With this contract in place, Google's enforcement of storage limits has moved from July 2022 to July 2024.
  • Gathered information regarding VT Use Cases and additional Data Sources needed for Service Decision.
December 2021 – December 2022
Project 3
  • VT Google users will not see any impact to current Google services during calendar year 2022. See the Project 2 Final Report for details.
  • Program will continue to evaluate the use of Google services at Virginia Tech. Some key parts of this evaluation include VT storage alternatives and license scenarios.
  • Anticipate that a service decision will be made this year (2022) that determines our path forward regarding our use of Google at the university.
January 2023 – June 2024

Project 4

  • Implementation of Service Changes
July 1, 2024
  • Google begins enforcement of limitations resulting from Virginia Tech’s selected tier.
  • Possible program end date.