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Q: What is the timeline for the program?

A: Please see the Timeline page for the program timeline

Q:  What is Google doing?

A:  Google has updated their Google G Suite for Education offering.  They have changed the name to Google Workspace for Education, created additional versions, introduced new licensing, and feature breakouts. They are also moving from an unlimited storage model to a quota-based shared-pool storage model for customers.

Q:  How does this affect how I use Google Workspace at VT?

A:  With the move to the Internet 2 contract, most active VT Google Workspace users will see no service changes through December 2022. Starting January 2023, the Program Team will begin implementation work to meet the new Google storage enforcement deadline of July 2024. At this time, VT is still evaluating how Google's changes will alter the way we work, store data, and collaborate at the university. The impact to users and departments starting in 2023 are not known at this time. Please continue to visit this website for the latest information regarding VT Google Workspace services.

Q:  What can I do now to prepare for whatever changes are ahead?

A:  Now is the perfect time to review how much and in what way you are utilizing Google tools and storage.  When logged into your VT Google account, go to and review how much storage you are using in Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

Q:  After these changes are complete, how much storage space quota will I be allotted for my VT Google account?

A:  There is not currently a simple answer to this question.  VT has not decided in which direction or in what way we will utilize Google Workspace for Education in the future.

Q:  What kinds of data should I not store in Google?

A:  See Google’s Abuse Program Policies and Enforcement webpage for examples, ITSO’s data classification document (, and Virginia Tech’s Service Catalog entry (

Q:  What if I have additional questions?

A:  Contact 4Help (, and your questions will be routed to the appropriate personnel to answer.