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Microsoft Service Changes at Virginia Tech

On August 1, 2023, Microsoft announced plans for a change to their licensing model for higher education that will go into effect in July of 2025. This announcement bears significantly on the university's path forward on online storage, email administration, and licensing for collaboration platforms (Google Workspace and Microsoft M365).

Highlights of the Microsoft changes:

  • Microsoft will implement both a universitywide cap on storage under our tenant (the universitywide mega account within which all our users reside), and new storage limits that apply per user.
  • The costs established for additional storage purchased within the tenant are substantial, and in comparison with Google's pricing, are more than twice the cost for each 10 TB increment.
  • Microsoft still provides significantly better security features than what are available on the Google side.

These are the major factors that affected Virginia Tech's plan for online storage and email administration. 

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